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Summer Vacation’s Impact on the Homeless

The time of year that most kids are excited for is summer vacation; No more long school days, homework, or studying. You’d think everyone would enjoy the summer days. Not exactly.  

Summer break isn’t a break for families living in poverty or for those that are homeless. These kids from low income families no longer get 40 hours a week in a safe environment in a temperature controlled building with meals provided. Parents lose their main source of “child care” during the summer months and have to find a way to get an extra 1-2 meals on the table for their child. Many times it comes down to choosing between working an extra job to afford to pay bills or staying home to watch the kids and face eviction, that is, if they aren’t already homeless. 

The school year brings kids resources, guaranteed meals, clean bathrooms, and so many other opportunities. The staff, unfortunately, don’t always know who is homeless because kids are usually embarrassed by their living situation, but it’s more common than most think.  

According to The City Mission, homeless students face higher rates of learning loss than peers in the summer and they are also more likely to spend June, July, and August in unsafe environments. (https://www.thecitymission.org/blog/no-summer-break/)  

By not remembering everything or forgetting more knowledge than their peers who aren’t homeless, they will struggle more in the coming grades as they move up and if they move up to the next level. This creates a long lasting impact that is very difficult to correct. 

Some families, not all, are fortunate to have friends and family to stay with or have them watch their kids while they work, but it doesn’t always work out long-term. Relationships can become strained, especially if someone is going from watching your child a couple hours a week to watching them 40 hours a week. Can you imagine? It’s like a free, full-time child care center. 

As a society, we should be concerned for our future generations. No matter their living situation everyone deserves to have a good education. Humanity for the Homeless wants to change the homelessness problem in America, but it’s not a one person task. This is something that we ALL need to work on together on a nationwide and local scale. 

So, we ask that all of you be the change with us, contact us today, and start making a positive impact on the world around you. 

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