Our Partners

Bridge Communities

One of our trusted partners is Bridge Communities, a non-profit organization founded in 1988 and located in Glen Ellyn. The mission of Bridge Communities is to provide mentoring, housing, and supportive services for families to transition from being homeless to being self-sufficient. Bridge Communities hopes to tackle “invisible” homelessness through innovative programs, charity events and training services. Most families need some guidance and assistance while going through a rough patch in life. These families are willing to put in the work, so Bridge Communities tries to inspire change in their unfortunate circumstances. By working closely with local faith-based and community action groups, Bridge Communities offers transitional housing to homeless families that live and work in DuPage County. The organization is committed to transforming the lives of homeless families through partnering with talented, resourceful individuals and groups in our community.

Baker Memorial Methodist Church

Another prominent partner to Humanity for the Homeless is the Baker Memorial Methodist Church located in St. Charles, IL. With the participation of Becker Logistics, Humanity for the Homeless promises to donate annually to this local church that has made it their goal to get people off the streets and into warm homes. Baker Memorial’s mission is to welcome everyone and anyone while serving under the Christian faith. The church has inspirational volunteers and leaders who use any donations that come in towards others who are in need. These volunteers hope to understand what sort of needs individuals require so that they can empower those who may be less fortunate. Their goal is to support as many as possible in the community until they are ready to be self-sufficient. Whether it's through food pantries or weekly services, Baker Memorial believes in the gift of compassion. Thankfully through our social promise and Humanity for the Homeless, there can be more to go around and less homelessness.